Osteopathic Clinic Management - Toshikazu Tabata

Tabata:Takeyan, the first impression for you was "a cool guy."

Yoshitake:No kidding! (laugh) When do we first meet? Around 2010?

Tabata:That's right. I am the first generation student of "Takeyan Dojo."

Yoshitake:You now come here as a trainee. Tossy(=Tabata), please talk about many kinds of things.

Before coming to your training,
I had a bad feeling as I would be dead
if I went on like this.

Tabata:Few years before I met you, I opened an osteopathic clinic. To start a business was my goal and I have desired to have my territory since before. However, after opening my clinic couldn't draw my vision or the next purpose. I didn't know how to do my best at that time. I blindly did my best at work and had a sense "I might pass away if there was no change." I also have read so many business books. In those books, it says "meet the mentor."

Yoshitake:So, this training was exactly the one you needed.

Tabata:Yes, exactly! When I participated in your seminar, you said, "My occupation is that of a `mentor.`" I said aloud, "Oh! There you are!!!" (laugh)

Yoshitake:Could you tell me what is the right thing that you could do during the training?

Tabata:Well, I think setting my own goal was good. You said, "Set a goal at first even though it is a tentative one. Then, think what you should do now, and you can naturally see what you need to do." Yes, it is absolutely right!! I didn't know how to do the best because I didn't have the idea of what I would like to be in the future or the goal I would like to achieve. Also, the idea; "it is no problem to set a goal by yourself when you grow up.", was a great discovery from your training.

Yoshitake:Yes. When we are kids, we have tests or entrance examinations at school, and parents and teachers let us know what our goal should be. However, we cannot get such information from others when we are growing up. The reason is why we unable to do our best unless we decide what to do by ourselves.

Tabata: I felt so happy when it came to seeing the exact specific process by setting own goal, listening to the story of role model who has close to your dream and imitates what the role model did at the same stage as I was now.


Do your best by not comparing to person around me
but myself who would like to be.

Yoshitake:Tossy, you used to hold the specific idea like "the owner should be like this." or"therapeutic need to be like this." You said, "I definitely don't expand my clinic by setting up the multi-store development." You also said, "it is the worst thing for therapeutics to talk about money."

Tabata: I assumed "for therapeutics to work only for patients." After getting rid of the idea, I felt so relieved and could find many targets that I would like to do. For example, I started thinking; it might be better to develop my business with multiple clinics as I have been doing something good for patients or earning is not that bad, and so on.

Yoshitake:When you changed your thought, your new vision has set, haven't you?

Tabata:Yes. I was planning that I would increase four clinics in ten years. At that time, I needed to write a management plan as a graduation thesis, so I did my best.

Yoshitake:Tossy, you still keep planning the business strategies and updating little by little, don't you?

Tabata:That's right. My vision is more apparent than the one right after graduating from your training. I want to be the one "who can make people involved smile." After I decided to hold it as a goal, I have paid attention to the one I aim for even by showing "HAREYAKA" on the clinic name.

Yoshitake:You achieve your goal; open four clinics.

Tabata:Now, these four clinics were consolidated into one huge clinic and offer the training not covered by insurance. I have decided to give it a try to be useful more and more.

Yoshitake:What do you think it was great to learn from this training the most?

Tabata: I think it was great for me to change as I live in my life. Till then, I always compared to people around me as I didn't have any goals or purposes. I just felt like the grass was greener on the other side. However, if you have a target, you will compare your intention to what you are. It might be hard but not the hardest. It gets me going to achieve the goal exactly. I feel that I can think of myself and do my best for myself.

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