Financial Planner - Masakazu Shigemori

Shigemori:Since I have heard that so many people working in the insurance industry have participated in your training, I visited graduation day for the practice. That was the first time to see you, Takeyan. I remember that one of the female attendants and you said to me, "you look so dead!!"

Yoshitake:Really? I don't remember. (laugh)

Shigemori:At that time, I was like, "what are you talking about?", but you have guessed it right.

Once the annual income reaches a specific value,
it is hard to keep the motivation to work hard unless
your job is what you like and your strength.

Shigemori:At that time, I was worried as my work became routine, have felt uneasy to keep working at the same company and have lost interest in his goal. It was the toughest time. I think you could figure out my situation.

Yoshitake:I thought you felt stuck in your career. A state of mind appears in your posture and facial expression. Until your income reaches a particular value, it is possible to feel delighted every time you raise your salary and to work no matter how hard it is. However, after exceeding the specific value, it is hard to keep the motivation unless your work is what you like and what you are good at. I think that was the most challenging moment for you.

Shigemori:Is it "branding period"? I think I have realized I was in the period. Therefore, I decided to take the training immediately. At first, my practice started from the psychological part, didn't it?

Yoshitake:Yes. We suddenly do not decide "what to do." Starting from looking for our past self. "What impact did you get from experience and make me what I am?" or "what traumas do I have to be my present self?" You actually don't realize what elements that makeup who you are. This training program is to understand what you need to do and what your mission is by making clear those tasks.

Shigemori: I think so. I could realize what my mission is in my mind through the process of the part.


Decide to take the course one minute later
after being told that I looked so dead.

Yoshitake:At first, you said "to concentrate on one point and breakthrough" is the way for you to sell insurance to doctors.

Shigemori:Yes. During the training, I was thoroughly pursued "why I chose doctors to sell insurance" and "what worth you can show to doctors." I believed that I was good at bringing information to my clients and flattered myself that doctors required the information. However, it did not go well at first when I started sales activities to doctors.

Yoshitake:I have been watching that you were having a tough time. Do you remember what you said even in such a tough time? I remember you kept saying; "I usually give up at this point, but I think I definitely shouldn't throw in the towel now.", or "I will do my best as I will be able to look on the bright side by keep on challenging." Things may not have been working out the way you expected in the market selling insurance to doctors, but now you have found the market that allows you to shine.

Shigemori:Indeed. I have kept doing my best with your word, which is the most important phrase for me, "Try & Error." Even though things do not go well, it is important to lead to the next step. Even now, I have the phrase "Try & Error" put up on my desk. Currently, I am selling insurance to the dentist and enable me to gain great success. By changing my point of view a little; from for doctors to dentists, I noticed that my best field; information, was required by dentists and my work started going well. My clients; dentists are really counting on me.

Yoshitake:In the training, did you find your mission more clearly?

Shigemori:Sure. I want to be a specialist having the advantage of information after all. The company that I work for has thousands of employees, and its network is robust. Therefore, we can obtain the information required by clients and the information that we should be aware of by using the network. As I am in such an environment, I thought I am always responsible for providing information which meets the client's request.

Yoshitake:That is great!! Through our training, what do you think the most important steps for you, Shige-san?

Shigemori:The moment when I decided to take this training was the most crucial step, I think. One minute after I heard your word; "You look so dead," I decided to take the training. My life has changed as I made a decision even though it took a lot of courage to make a decision. I could grab the opportunity to see the scenery that the only person who makes a decision.

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